Thursday, June 23, 2011


My husband was caught red handed. He tried to sneak one of MY iced teas. We have issues sharing appearantly. I will go out of my way to hide whichever food is seriously not worth sharing. Honey roasted peanuts, cookies, chips, etc.

So, I took out an iced tea, and since I took one out, I think he thought since I was drinking one, that he could sneak it and make it look like it was mine. Little did he know that I finished mine a while back.

As I'm in the kitchen, there is an iced tea, COLD, and barely has any missing. WHAT A JACKASS! HE TRIED TO PULL ONE OVER ON ME.

Now I'm mad (sad, but true). So I wait until he's in the living room, and as he looks over, I start to pour MY/his iced tea down the drain. I know this is REALLLLLLY going to make him angry. He can't STAND wasting food or drink. He will go nuts!

So of course he runs in there OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? NOW IM REALLY PISSED LAUR! hahahahahhahahaha serves him right.

We begin to bicker on this stupid iced tea. And we are for sure getting legittamitly mad at eachother....

I tell him that I need to pour it out for 'my homies'. I don't know what that means, but I see people do it with alcohol on COPS all the time. So I thought it was a good point...

He then begins to break out into the robot...THE ROBOT! and he wont let me leave the kitchen. What's worse is that he has no idea how to do the robot...

Funniest moment of the week, by far. He makes me laugh so much. Even when I'm really getting upset that he's drinking MY favorite drink, he knows how to make me laugh.

I might be down one iced tea, but being married to this crazy man makes it okay :)

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 14

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 14
Things I love....

There are a lot of things I love.

First, obviously it is my son and my husband. They are my heart and soul. I live for them and get up every morning for them. It's an amazing feeling because I never thought I could love someone so much.

My family. Without my family I wouldn't be who I am today. I credit my mom and dad for making me such a strong and loving person. They are always there to support me and my family.

Husband's family. They are completely opposite in my family and aren't so conservative. It's a great switch up to mine. They are so loving and caring and I enjoy every second that we spend time together. Shannon, you're included in this part cuz you're like family :)

I love my husband's work ethic. Not just at his job, but at home as well. He is such a hard worker, whether it's redoing the house or doing yardwork. I love that about him.

I love my small group of girlfriends, whether they live 10 minutes away or live 2000 miles away. I adore them so much.And i love that facebook has brought some of them back into my life after losing touch. I don't get to see them often but time and distance doesn't diminish a friendship.One lady in particular means the world to my husband and I, Alycia...she's an unbelievable friend.

I love Disney World. I've been going twice a year since I was one. Disney movies, disney characters, all things that are Disney. I want to bring Braden up the way I was brought up and that involves taking a trip to Disney every year.

I love when baby sleeps. :) That doesn't happen a lot and if it does, it's a huge fight (as it is right now as he screams MAMA in his crib) but when it happens, I feel as though the heavens part and the sun beams show through the clouds.

I love my three dogs dearly, but I can't stand them at the same time. They are the most lovable dogs on the face of the earth and want nothing more but to kiss and love on everyone. It' a serious buzz kill though when they eat poop and climb fences to escape it's a love hate relationship.

I love dressing up. I love when my husband dresses up too. He always looks so handsome. And you might think it's weird, but I love dressing up together and coordinating with each other on colors. Sometimes it is planned, sometimes it's not. And when it's not planned, and we do match, it's that much better.

Speaking of matching, I love when baby matches my husband. They look alike and then they match. It's just too much for me to take, I love it!

Those are just SOME of my loves. And this blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning that I love my SOULMATE, Linds :) She is my one and only ;) and i miss her dearly.  We met when we both worked for Walt Disney World and we were randomly picked to be roomies.We instantly became friends and she made my time at Disney World one of the best times I've ever had. We celebrated un-birthdays, she led lots of guys on LOL JARRY, we went to Magic Kingdom on random nights to go watch the fireworks shows...and so many other memories there. Now, years later, she's one of my closest and dearest friends. She was in my wedding and without her, I would not have stayed sane or have had my bow tied for my dress :) I LOVE YOU LINDS! Now she works and lives down there full time and I only get to see her when we make our annual WDW's not enough! I WANT TO MOVE BACK THERE!!! IT'S WHERE THIS GIRL BELONGS!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 13

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 13
Something I want to buy.....

Well, I could get into a whole list of things I really want to buy but were not able to. Another new car, a new house...blah blah blah.

But something that I will be going out to buy are those cute pampers patterned diapers. I'm in love with them. They are the absolute cutest. And I want to buy those jean diapers but hubby tells me to wait until baby can crawl rather then just sit there. WAHH!

That is something that is in my near future though. I adore them. I love putting baby in just a tshirt and diaper. His little legs are just too cute to cover up.

PLUS, I love that you can see baby's butt crack through his diaper and through his onsie. It always makes me laugh. It's the cutest butt crack on the block. Not that I've seen the butt cracks on our block, but I've seen the faces, and that's enough for me to make that statement and believe it HAHA

Thursday, June 16, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 12

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 12
Something you bought recently

Yesterday, hubby, baby and I went out to go find a baptism outfit! We get into the store, barely after the guy in front of me slams the door on our face, and hubby is mad as all heck. He made a bigger scene then the guy in front of us made so to say the least, I was embarrassed lol. Hubby doesn't like when people do that to me and baby. He gets so fired up.

So we find some outfits, not going to lie, they are all weird looking. And of course, all white. I'm so scared he's going to poop out of it. He tends to do that on all his white outfits. I think he does it on purpose because he knows it gives me a complex. SO I plan on bringing a white onsie along with us, justttttt in case.

Then, of course, no shopping trip would be complete without the two of us bickering. Whether it's about the price of something, the necessity....whatever. This time, it was a debate on whether or not baby can go without shoes.

His outfit consists of shorts. Well, he cant just wear nothing, and my husband's defense is "JESUS DIDN'T WEAR SHOES"....oh my goodness. So, lucky hubby, no shoes fit my child's Flintstones feet so we had no choice but to go with socks. I AM NOT LETTING MY SON GO BAREFOOT AT HIS BAPTISM!!!!

Jesus didn't wear shoes......WHO IS THIS MAN I MARRIED?! LMAO

Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 11

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11
Nicknames you have and why

My family as I was growing up called me Petey. Story behind it was that my dad and brother were trying to get me to eat my food when I was a baby and I wouldn't, and then the dog from Little Rascals came on tv for a food commercial and a kid said, EAT PETEY, EAT, and so my brother said it to me, and the name stuck like glue.
I get called Laur a lot, and that is pretty self explanatory...

Hubby never calls me by my name, he calls me babe so when he does call out my name, it really catches my attention because it sounds so weird to hear him say it. 

Soulmate is what one of my dearest friends calls me and i call her back. We were roommates in Florida when we worked in Disney together and the name seemed to fit because we immediately became friends and inseparable. i love her to death. I would be lost without her.

That's about all of my nicknames, the other ones are either stage names or other innapropriate ones....JOKING!

Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 10

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 10
A photo taken of you ten years ago....

Well the photo quality is bad for this picture, but it means SO much to me, that I don't really care.
This is a picture of my grandma and I on Christmas. I spent every day with my grandma (and grandpa) as I was growing up. She basically raised my brother and I. Just looking at the picture makes me start to tear up. We lost her almost 2 years ago. And this picture is special because she would NEVER pose for a picture. She would always cover her face or look the other way. So to have this picture of us together, means the world to me.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 9

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 9

Pet Peeves

Well, I have a lot of pet peeves. My husband knows each one and will from time to time, exercise his right to use them.

I hate when people poke me, not only on facebook, but in real life. I can't stand it. It will instantly make me angry. So just don't do it, or I'll be upset for the rest of the day.

I hate when someone says "Try this food" and if I say no, they continue to ask and when still say no, they get mad. Go get someone else to try your damn food. If I say no, I mean no. It's simple as that. I'm pretty cut and dry here. It's not hard to read me when I say NO.

I can't stand a messy house, but I hate cleaning. I'll complain about the house being a mess while I am sitting down eating a bowl of ice cream. So this might be one of my husband's pet peeves now that I think about it. Me complaining of a messy house while sitting on the couch. lol

If I am watching a show, don't interrupt me. Even if it's a show on my DVR. Just don't do it. I understand that I have a pause button, but if I wanted to pause my show ten billion times, I wouldn't have started the show in the first place.

Another pet peeve is when someone is telling a story and gives pointless details. I don't care what shirt Margo was wearing that day. I don't care what building you guys walked into. GET TO THE POINT. And I can't stand when people get off topic...I do it all the time, but that's not the point LOL. I don't like when OTHERS do it.

I'm sure I have plenty more, and my husband can write a long list down for everyone...but let's just end it at that... :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 8

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 8

When I was pregnant and now, my cravings haven't much changed.

I crave an everything bagel with peanut butter and bacon. I'm well aware how weird it sounds, considering every time my hubby or I order it, they give us a look and ask for our order one more time thinking they heard us wrong. It is the ultimate bagel!! It's the best. Don't knock it until you try it. I'm the pickiest eater and if I like, it's WELL WORTH A SHOT!

MMMMMMMMM omg I want one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 7

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day7
Meaning behind my blog name

The meaning behind The Three D's in Life is pretty simple. Diapers, Drool and Dryer Sheets.

I feel like those are the three things in my life that are a constant.

I go through diapers like we go through water. It's crazy.

Drool. Baby drools (a lot), dogs drool (a lot), husband drools every time he looks at me LMAO jk. ;)

Dryer sheets. Hubby and I used those everywhere. In trash bins, on the backs of fans, diaper pails...because they smelled so good. We put them in our suitcases when we traveled... Until, I found the scent from Scentsy that smelled exactly like a dryer sheet. I have a bunch of unused dryer sheet boxes now because my upstairs uses that scent from Scentsy, and we bought the bounce dryer bar. LOL lonely dryer sheets....

THAT is the meaning behind my blog name.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 6

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 6
Favorite Song

Well, again, I don't have favorite songs, but I do have ones that mean a lot to me.

Obviously, the song hubby and I danced to at our wedding is one that sticks out in my head. You're Still the One by Shania Twain and Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing.

Heartland, I loved her first is always a song that makes me cry, and it makes my daddy cry everytime he hears it :) It was our Daddy Daughter Song at the wedding.

I love Disney songs. I'm a huge Disney freak lol. I worked at Disney World and have been going twice a year since I was 1 year old. (we have started baby off early, considering his first trip was at 2 months old and he's going again in November!!)

Hubby says that Just the way you are, by Bruno Mars and Smile by Unkle Cracker reminds him of me, so I like those songs too. (that picture is from a while back, when hubby had hair ;) hahah)

Anything like Me by Brad Paisley too!! That one makes me smile. About a dad and son :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Venting about "moms"

So I use the term "mom" pretty loosely in this blog.

One of the biggest things that will drive me up the wall is when I see someone who is a mom, constantly going out and partying or never spending time with their child/children.

I just don't get it. How does someone claim to be a mom, and love their child SO much, and never spend time with them because they would rather be out drinking and partying? How is that a mom?

You gave birth to that child, Yes. You brought that child into the world, Yes. Technically, YES, you are a mom. But in the sense of being a true mom, you're not. You're a joke.

Being a mom isn't a part time job. It's a full time job, one that you don't get a break when you need one sometimes. You shouldn't WANT to call up your parents or friends or whoever to babysit while you go out to drink.

I just hate to read on facebook and see pictures of 'moms' constantly going out and getting trashed and leaving their child with their parents or friends when they could be a real mom and spend time with their child.


I am proud to say that I am a REAL mom and that my friends are REAL moms.

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 5

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 5
Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is the one that was in our wedding ceremony. It means a lot to us and we fully believe in each sentence:

Take the time to be gentle; remembering that words harshly spoken trouble the spirit.
Take the time to talk to each other; the secret to all understanding is in open communication.
Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind, and listen wisely.
Take the time to remember that you chose one another to learn and to grow with; you each have something valuable to offer.
Be a good teacher and a good student.
Take the time to be alone so that you can gather your innermost thoughts and share them with each other when you're together.
Take the time to be thankful.
You have chosen your path together; take the time to make it the way you want it.
If change is needed, do it gracefully.
Take the time to be loving; it is the one thing everyone needs.
Always, in marriage, take the time to give each other more.