Thursday, June 23, 2011


My husband was caught red handed. He tried to sneak one of MY iced teas. We have issues sharing appearantly. I will go out of my way to hide whichever food is seriously not worth sharing. Honey roasted peanuts, cookies, chips, etc.

So, I took out an iced tea, and since I took one out, I think he thought since I was drinking one, that he could sneak it and make it look like it was mine. Little did he know that I finished mine a while back.

As I'm in the kitchen, there is an iced tea, COLD, and barely has any missing. WHAT A JACKASS! HE TRIED TO PULL ONE OVER ON ME.

Now I'm mad (sad, but true). So I wait until he's in the living room, and as he looks over, I start to pour MY/his iced tea down the drain. I know this is REALLLLLLY going to make him angry. He can't STAND wasting food or drink. He will go nuts!

So of course he runs in there OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? NOW IM REALLY PISSED LAUR! hahahahahhahahaha serves him right.

We begin to bicker on this stupid iced tea. And we are for sure getting legittamitly mad at eachother....

I tell him that I need to pour it out for 'my homies'. I don't know what that means, but I see people do it with alcohol on COPS all the time. So I thought it was a good point...

He then begins to break out into the robot...THE ROBOT! and he wont let me leave the kitchen. What's worse is that he has no idea how to do the robot...

Funniest moment of the week, by far. He makes me laugh so much. Even when I'm really getting upset that he's drinking MY favorite drink, he knows how to make me laugh.

I might be down one iced tea, but being married to this crazy man makes it okay :)