About The 3Ds

I started this blog because I was having trouble finding a blog that I could relate to and laugh at.  I was desperately needed some sort of comic relief through out my day and since I couldn't find it, I thought I would start my own blog.

The Three D's in life (in my life at least) are Diapers, Drool and Dryer Sheets.

Diapers- I diaper my child, but what's the point since he poops out of it constantly. You change a diaper and put a clean one down and he pees instantly in it, so you grab another diaper and while grabbing the other diaper, the dirty one gets attached to your pants without knowing it. Let's face it, diapers pretty much rule my life.

Drool-It's so disgusting. I have such a week stomach and all my child seems to do these days is drool. Half the time, I just let him drool. What's the point of wiping it up when it's just going to keep spewing out of his mouth? And drool comes at the worst of times...like when your in church and baby is over your shoulder creating a waterfall effect down your back and no one in the pews behind you think it's a good idea to tell you. Drool....ugh.

Dryer Sheets-When I do get a break from diapers, I'm always in the laundry room doing laundry. It's a never ending chore. And dryer sheets are my favorite. My husband and I would stick them everywhere to make the house smell nice. In the back of fans, trash cans, drawers...and yes, the dryer :) But, now I've moved on from Dryer Sheets and onto the bounce bar and Scentsy to make my house smell great. But I'll always love my dryer sheets!