Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pee, Poop and Panera

This weekend has been one for the books. So incredibly busy and so exhausting.

Friday, my mom and dad wanted to go out to dinner. My dad is a SPM for a Construction company and so he is finishing up a big shopping center. In the shopping center, is a Panera Bread. My mom wanted to go eat there. THE PANERA BREAD IS AN HOUR AWAY. So that's what we did. Drove an hour away, to eat a Panera Bread (as we passed 5 along the way....) when gas is 4.09. We get there, I'm holding baby and he poops ALL OVER ME. So I send husband to go get the diaper bag in the car...15 mins later, I see him strolling in with my dad, just chatting. He forgot what he went out there for and there's me, holding my son like he's contaminated. Poop all over my shirt. Awesome.

So the next day, we spent the whole day with my mother in law. Now typically, all wives out there would cringe saying they spent the whole day with the in-laws. But i love my mother in law. She's the greatest. I always have so much fun and there's always a good topic that we can laugh about. At first, in husband and my relationship, we had problems figuring out where our parents played into our lives. Husband is an only child. So he and his mom are so incredibly close. Constantly talking on the phone. Well, I'm not an only child, but I still am so close with my parents. But I just couldn't understand why he would constantly want to call her all the time. As time went on, and I got to get closer with her, I understood why. She's so open and non judgemental. You can completely be yourself. I love it. I have a very honest and open personality and sometimes people can't handle me. And I love that I can completely be myself with her.

So we went to a bakery that her cousin just opened up. Had to get some cannolis. My favorite. Ran some errands and since it was Saturday, we went to Sam's Club. You know we had to hit up every single sample stand. I go for that reason only. I LOVE sampling the foods and I will stalk a stand until they put something out. :)

We then went to Home Depot (another Saturday spot that we hang out at, not by choice on my part). We spent a good hour or two there. and walked out with absolutely nothing. Dan got too flustered trying to pick out fence posts and we left with nothing. AWESOME!!!

Sunday was a nice day of rest, kind of.
My parents wanted to go look at house to buy and so Hubby, Baby and I decided to join them.  The house was incredibly massive. You could get lost in it. 40+ acres.  We walked into the garage and I think the heavens parted for Hubby and my dad. Ferrari's, Mercedes, Harleys, boats, tractors, 4 wheelers and snow mobiles... I thought we would never get out of there. Husband and my dad were just in awe of such 'amazing' sights...

The kicker to the trip : Husband had to pee so extremely bad. Now, I have no shame, if I had to go that bad, I would have just asked the realtor if I could use the bathroom. What's the big deal. When you gotta go, you gotta go. But husband assured me that it is rude to do. SO, his genius plan was to go behind the barn and pee. BECAUSE THAT'S NOT RUDE. So there he is, peeing, right on the tractor wheel in the rain. Were at an open house, and there's my husband, peeing on a tractor.

As he finished, he acted as if he was looking at the tractor, checking it out...yeah, that helps.

Before all of this, we wanted to go grab something to eat. After driving back and forth, we decided to go completely out of our way to Yours Truly. 20 mins wait, and that just wouldn't do. So we went to Bob Evans, the same thing. So we ended up in Panera Bread (of course).

I ordered my usual, Chipotle Chicken Sandwich with NO TOMATOES.  The girl told me she couldn't do it. I said, "yes you can, every panera does it for me...you can too". and she told me that it was a panini and they couldnt. I told her, "youre wrong, but whatever. I DONT EVEN WANT TO EAT HERE ANYMORE!" lol so then i calmed myself down (don't mess with a bear when it's hungry) and she then informed me that she could make it. OBVIOUSLY GENIUS! So they make it, and it has tomatoes on it. I take it back. The manager says Okay sorry, I'll remake it for you. They remake it, and hand it back to me...it has tomatoes. I wanted NO TOMATOES, and they said THERE ARE NONE (as the dumb kid working there slips some tomatoes off my sandwich as if i couldnt see). "UM I JUST SAW YOU TAKE THE TOMATOES OFF OF MY SANDWICH!!!" "nooo there werent any tomatoes".

so now they are telling me that im dumb and blind. so i tell them that im allergic. It's the go to plan when something isn't right on my order. Especially if I hand it back to them, and they just remove it and give it back. I COULD HAVE DONE THAT MYSELF! MAKE ME A NEW ONE! IT HAS TOMATO JUICE ON IT NOW! LOL. So finally after a half hour, they make it right. They gave us some free bakery. Just to prove how mad I was, I told her I didn't want it, but let the rest of my family wipe out their bakery shelf. Serves them right, jackasses.

Aside from that, Baby was sick starting sunday until Monday. He had a really bad virus and pooped about 12 times in 24 hrs. Blood and mucous in it too. I'm sure you're all loving this blog. LOL. So we took him to the dr and turns out, the virus wiped out his colon and the little things in his intestines that help him digest milk and he became lactose intolerant. So he's on his special formula now and doing just fine. Eating cereal and bananas (i just had to sing Gwen Stefani's "this shit is bananas" song to spell bananas...) now and doing just great.

So it was a whole weekend of Pee, Poop and Panera....

OH and on a neighbor update, the single mom with the terror child, now has friends. She and her 3 other people sit around this one tree in a circle, all day and all night. And they sit in little baby chairs. Their butts hang over the edges! But since it's been a rainy weekend, I didn't have to look out the window and see their pow wow all day long. They were rained out....YES!

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