Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 11

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11
Nicknames you have and why

My family as I was growing up called me Petey. Story behind it was that my dad and brother were trying to get me to eat my food when I was a baby and I wouldn't, and then the dog from Little Rascals came on tv for a food commercial and a kid said, EAT PETEY, EAT, and so my brother said it to me, and the name stuck like glue.
I get called Laur a lot, and that is pretty self explanatory...

Hubby never calls me by my name, he calls me babe so when he does call out my name, it really catches my attention because it sounds so weird to hear him say it. 

Soulmate is what one of my dearest friends calls me and i call her back. We were roommates in Florida when we worked in Disney together and the name seemed to fit because we immediately became friends and inseparable. i love her to death. I would be lost without her.

That's about all of my nicknames, the other ones are either stage names or other innapropriate ones....JOKING!

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