Thursday, June 16, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 12

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 12
Something you bought recently

Yesterday, hubby, baby and I went out to go find a baptism outfit! We get into the store, barely after the guy in front of me slams the door on our face, and hubby is mad as all heck. He made a bigger scene then the guy in front of us made so to say the least, I was embarrassed lol. Hubby doesn't like when people do that to me and baby. He gets so fired up.

So we find some outfits, not going to lie, they are all weird looking. And of course, all white. I'm so scared he's going to poop out of it. He tends to do that on all his white outfits. I think he does it on purpose because he knows it gives me a complex. SO I plan on bringing a white onsie along with us, justttttt in case.

Then, of course, no shopping trip would be complete without the two of us bickering. Whether it's about the price of something, the necessity....whatever. This time, it was a debate on whether or not baby can go without shoes.

His outfit consists of shorts. Well, he cant just wear nothing, and my husband's defense is "JESUS DIDN'T WEAR SHOES"....oh my goodness. So, lucky hubby, no shoes fit my child's Flintstones feet so we had no choice but to go with socks. I AM NOT LETTING MY SON GO BAREFOOT AT HIS BAPTISM!!!!

Jesus didn't wear shoes......WHO IS THIS MAN I MARRIED?! LMAO

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