Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 14

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 14
Things I love....

There are a lot of things I love.

First, obviously it is my son and my husband. They are my heart and soul. I live for them and get up every morning for them. It's an amazing feeling because I never thought I could love someone so much.

My family. Without my family I wouldn't be who I am today. I credit my mom and dad for making me such a strong and loving person. They are always there to support me and my family.

Husband's family. They are completely opposite in my family and aren't so conservative. It's a great switch up to mine. They are so loving and caring and I enjoy every second that we spend time together. Shannon, you're included in this part cuz you're like family :)

I love my husband's work ethic. Not just at his job, but at home as well. He is such a hard worker, whether it's redoing the house or doing yardwork. I love that about him.

I love my small group of girlfriends, whether they live 10 minutes away or live 2000 miles away. I adore them so much.And i love that facebook has brought some of them back into my life after losing touch. I don't get to see them often but time and distance doesn't diminish a friendship.One lady in particular means the world to my husband and I, Alycia...she's an unbelievable friend.

I love Disney World. I've been going twice a year since I was one. Disney movies, disney characters, all things that are Disney. I want to bring Braden up the way I was brought up and that involves taking a trip to Disney every year.

I love when baby sleeps. :) That doesn't happen a lot and if it does, it's a huge fight (as it is right now as he screams MAMA in his crib) but when it happens, I feel as though the heavens part and the sun beams show through the clouds.

I love my three dogs dearly, but I can't stand them at the same time. They are the most lovable dogs on the face of the earth and want nothing more but to kiss and love on everyone. It' a serious buzz kill though when they eat poop and climb fences to escape it's a love hate relationship.

I love dressing up. I love when my husband dresses up too. He always looks so handsome. And you might think it's weird, but I love dressing up together and coordinating with each other on colors. Sometimes it is planned, sometimes it's not. And when it's not planned, and we do match, it's that much better.

Speaking of matching, I love when baby matches my husband. They look alike and then they match. It's just too much for me to take, I love it!

Those are just SOME of my loves. And this blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning that I love my SOULMATE, Linds :) She is my one and only ;) and i miss her dearly.  We met when we both worked for Walt Disney World and we were randomly picked to be roomies.We instantly became friends and she made my time at Disney World one of the best times I've ever had. We celebrated un-birthdays, she led lots of guys on LOL JARRY, we went to Magic Kingdom on random nights to go watch the fireworks shows...and so many other memories there. Now, years later, she's one of my closest and dearest friends. She was in my wedding and without her, I would not have stayed sane or have had my bow tied for my dress :) I LOVE YOU LINDS! Now she works and lives down there full time and I only get to see her when we make our annual WDW's not enough! I WANT TO MOVE BACK THERE!!! IT'S WHERE THIS GIRL BELONGS!!!

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