Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 7

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day7
Meaning behind my blog name

The meaning behind The Three D's in Life is pretty simple. Diapers, Drool and Dryer Sheets.

I feel like those are the three things in my life that are a constant.

I go through diapers like we go through water. It's crazy.

Drool. Baby drools (a lot), dogs drool (a lot), husband drools every time he looks at me LMAO jk. ;)

Dryer sheets. Hubby and I used those everywhere. In trash bins, on the backs of fans, diaper pails...because they smelled so good. We put them in our suitcases when we traveled... Until, I found the scent from Scentsy that smelled exactly like a dryer sheet. I have a bunch of unused dryer sheet boxes now because my upstairs uses that scent from Scentsy, and we bought the bounce dryer bar. LOL lonely dryer sheets....

THAT is the meaning behind my blog name.

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