Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasure?

Is it bad that I get pleasure out of hearing my husband struggle to keep order in the house?

When he comes home from work, I go take a shower and I just sit in there hysterically laughing because all I hear is baby screams, dogs barking, hubby talking baby and trying to talk dog LOL

When he talks baby talk to our son, baby stops crying, but dogs start to play fight for his when he goes over to the dogs to break it up and settle them down, baby starts to cry....

and its just an ongoing thing. I can't help but just love it because it makes me feel so much better that I can handle it throughout the day.

I asked him to go through our coupons while I was in the shower and see if he wanted anything out of them, and his exact words, "HUN, I HAVE THE BABY! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING!" and i laughed because if I used that excuse, nothing would get done around the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, nothing.

Makes me feel good and empowered...and if that is the only way to feel that way, is to listen to my hubby struggle to keep order in the house....then so be it...


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