Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding, Pee & Beheading.

So I wake up and I'm bummed because baby woke up an hour earlier then he normally does...and I know it's only an hour so I should suck it up BUT I barely slept! My dog was jumping at our door because he was scared and I was thinking about the Royal Wedding. LOL

I go to change baby and I'm making big faces at him to keep him entertained, and I pull open the diaper and BOOM! PEE! RIGHT IN THE FACE! He is mid stream and happy as can be. And, the genius idea would be to move the diaper BACK up so that he can finish peeing in his diaper...but that would be the logical thing to do. I was still half asleep...(or half awake, depends on if your glass is half full or empty today haha). So I just let it hit me in the face. Who does that?!

Well, I figured that I was awake already, I might as well sit with baby and watch the Royal Wedding and the 'countdown to this kiss' say 8:24. and I'm like HOLY CRAP. EIGHT HOURS? I thought the wedding was at 11am!!! And then I realize that it meant 8 minutes. And then I thought, what does countdown to the kiss mean anyway...? I thought you werent allowed to kiss before the now my mind is going crazy...

I look down on my phone (yes I found it finally) and my hubby was writing about how he watched it and everything. GREAT. so yes the ceremony was at 11am....IN LONDON! NOT OHIO. Like, really? I couldn't have put two and two together and figured that out maybe earlier? Maybe last night? NOPE! And here's the kicker. Baby is always up at 9 so I thought to myself, I'll have more then enough time to watch it, so no need to DVR it.


But I did get to see the kiss. I just love Kate. But if that was me, just to shake it up a bit, I would have grabbed my hubby and made out with him. Just for the shock factor. Which I'm pretty sure is why, I'm not part of the royal family and she is.

I couldn't help but picture myself in her shoes. What it would be like to be her at that moment. I couldn't contain myself like she did. I just don't have that sort of self control! I would be so excited and waving to everyone like a crazy person!! lol another reason, why I wouldn't ever find myself in a Royal Family....

BUT my great aunt did some research and I'm related to KING HENRY the granted, he was the one who cut off all his wives heads...but that's besides the point. Those are just minor details...I'm still in a royal I, will celebrate!! BECAUSE IM ROYAL! ;)

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