Sunday, May 1, 2011


 I have a serious update on Mr. Alien...funniest thing I've ever seen.

The Single mom with the terror child left for a while and Mr. Alien emerged from his house. He was wearing a little gray fannypack and huge headphones. He was carrying a metal detector and a little shovel...

He went over in her yard and was metal detecting her yard. When he would find a spot, he would look around really quick (as if no one sees him roaming around her yard in the first place) and jump to the ground and dig up her yard. Then, when he wouldn't find anything, he would place the torn up pieces of yard, back where they came from, and stomp on them so you couldn't tell.

He did this for about an hour! I have videos (would you expect anything less from me?) and I have a picture....

I think he is confused. If he's trying to phone his alien family, he's looking in the wrong direction....
OR IS HE!?!?! (dun dun dunnnnn)


  1. You are too funny :)

  2. The picture makes me laugh sooo hard! I can just picture you peering out your window watching this guy!

  3. haha I KNOW! I'm seriously a creep. I never used to be until the husband started telling me of all the craziness going on around's so much better then tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!