Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Such a long weekend full of family and friends!! We had such a fun time even though we were so busy.

Friday, was one of my dearest friends wedding. It was so gorgeous and done just right. I was so thankful that we were able to share in such a special day for them. They had an amazing cake too!! Alice in Wonderland theme!! We didn't know anyone there but everyone made us feel so welcome. It was a great time. The people who sat at our table, were hilarious too. Kept us laughing the whole time!

 Saturday afternoon, we went over to my parent's farm to take care of their animals, while they were out of town. We went inside the house so hubby could change. Well, I decided that I would take baby up to the barn to see the animals. So after we were finished up in the barn and hubby was done taking care of the animals, we walk back down to the house and I realized I locked us out of the house. GREAT! So I'm like, "not a big deal, we can drive back to our house and call the other lady who has a key"...then I realized, OMG KEYS ARE INSIDE THE HOUSE!! So the house keys, the car keys, and the phone are inside the house...so now were stranded. And it's not like we could go over to the neighbors, because it's not a development.

Hubby jumped the dogs fence and went to check the back doors, nothing. Checked side doors, nothing. Checked all the first floor windows, nope. Then, I notice the top floor window is open...BUT OF COURSE, it's the window right next to the hill. But it's our only option. So we spent another hour looking for an extension ladder...Hubby can't find it anywhere. I walked into the garage and immediately found it LOL So, we put the ladder against the house and were freaking out because it's not stable and if it moves, were going to fall right down into the spring.  And I can't hold the ladder because I'm holding baby.  So hubby climbs all the way up and then realizes he can't fit through the window (teeny windows). So, wifey to the rescue. Here's the result....Me. Stuck. In. The. Window.

So Saturday night, hubby and I decided we would go out for a date night (with baby of course). So we went over to the Cheesecake factory. We were starving and after waiting for longer then we were told (an hour longer), I made husband go up and ask when our turn was. Well the guy said 48 mins. And you know husband wasn't having that. So he told him NO YOU GET US IN RIGHT NOW!! And they did...unfortunately, I was so hungry and kind of bratty because I was waiting for so long and they sat us in a booth that had the air conditioning RIGHT on us. So the minute the waiter came, you know I had to say something. It went exactly like this,
"Hi, is there anyway you can turn this off, it's right on my son"
waiter says, "no, its a cold air (something) and it can't be turned off. I can seat you somewhere else?"
"Yes, I want to go somewhere else...."
"Well, you will have to wait up front for another table and I don't know how long it will be"
"Were not waiting any longer then we already have....so we will stay. And were ready to order. I would like a diet coke, he wants a regular coke. We want two orders of fried cheese triangles, two orders of Louisiana Chicken Pasta. I want mine without onions, peppers and mushrooms and his he wants normal. THANKS"
all of this conversation happened within literally 60 seconds. there was no breaths taken in between sentences LOL I was the BIGGEST you know what...I was so mad. BUT food came out extremely fast and so good. It wasn't until I stopped stuffing my face, that I realized how much my husband and I are truly alike!! We ate the same amount of our apps and got the same entree. It was just so weird! It was a great meal though and the server did a great job. 

After our dinner, we decided since it was such a nice night, that we would go for a drive. So were just cruising around and I start seeing all these vanity plates. I hate vanity plates. They just annoy me. Like, MrGrch or 4Shadi....or here was one, U AWAKE...yes dumbass, I'm awake...like if you're going to make a vanity plate, at least make it clever. Asking if I'm awake, is not clever...

So then we come up on a blacked out van on these Kmart rims...and it's one of those vans that you see on the news saying that a man lured a kid into with candy...so I make the comment to my husband, and then look at his license plate. It reads, "KIDNME" Now, I'm sure he meant it to be KIDDING ME...so why would you even make a vanity plate to read KID IN ME when you're driving a blacked out van?!?! CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either he is extremely oblivious or just trying to help the cops identify easily that he is a kidnapper....

Sunday was Mother's Day. It was my first mother's day so I was so excited. Baby and Hubby got me the cutest card and my parents got me a card with some roses. We went over to the in-laws and chatted for a little bit and then took hubby's mama over to the farm to see the animals! It was a good time! We then went out to dinner with his mom, uncle and his uncle's fiancee. It was such a great mother's day. :) 

Now, we just have to make it through the work week!!! 

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