Friday, April 22, 2011

How does Jesus have a twitter before me?

I'll just start off by saying that everytime Friday rolls around, that terrible song with that young girl gets stuck in my head...."friday friday fridayyy". drives me up the wall.

ANYWAY. Today started off with a bang. I fell asleep with baby's bib in my bed and it got stuck to my pants. And typically, it is my husband who gets the bib stuck to his pants. He tends to sit on the couch and the velcro of the bib attaches to his pants and he will walk around with it hanging there for hours. I have even let him go to the store with it. It's hilarious. Well, it came back to bite me in the you know what. I didn't realize it was on my pants until after I finished going to the bathroom and when i stood up, there was a bib, soaked. Epic Fail. :)

I'm starting to get into this whole Twitter thing. I still don't understand it though. It's not like facebook news feed so I'm clearly having issues adapting. But what is really getting me, is that Jesus has a twitter account. I didn't realize Jesus knew how to Twitter. Clearly, I under estimated his 'hip-ness'. Props to Jesus :) But I feel like a stalker....praying obviously isn't enough for me? Now I have to follow Him on Twitter? ;)

This weekend, we will be celebrating Easter with our families. Tomorrow, we will be going to my parents house to dye some Easter eggs. They just got a new little sports car so my hubby is dying to go over there and detail it. He's weird.

Sunday will be a day full of family. We are going to my parents house and celebrating with my grandma, uncle, and cousins. I don't have a huge family so it's nothing too crazy. Then we will be going to spend time with my in-laws. I always look forward to that. :) Should be a great weekend, full of family (as always). Wishing my brother and sister in law would get to come up for Easter, but they are busy. So were looking forward to seeing them one weekend soon.

Shout-out to Lindsay. I always have a shout-out for a soulmate :)

And a big thank you to Amanda!! You've been such a great help with this blog and everything. You're the best!

Happy Weekend everyone!!! Go find me on Twitter @EllieLaur

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  1. Awe glad I could help, and I had no idea Jesus had a Twitter account. Am I sinning because I'm not following him?