Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Husband and I decided that it would be a great day to go fishing. Well, he decided it was a great day to fish, I was feeling extra nice and agreed to go. He did buy me Malley's chocolates and all....he deserves a YES now and then ;)

So we went to the eye doctor first because we both needed a checkup and then off to the park we went.

He was convinced that he could catch something. And he kept getting 'bites' but the only bites I was getting were from the damn mosquitos. So, to say the least, I wasn't loving it. But, I put on a smile and just took pictures.

Across the lake was a couple sitting on a bench. Clearly, we could see them, and they could see us. I got this vibe that they were either just starting to date or they were having an affair. How's THAT for jumping to conclusions? They were just acting very secretive. So every now and then I would glance over and they were kissing or hugging or whatever...innocent...

I decided that I needed to catch a fish since husband wasn't. He took over the camera. As I was 'fishing' (casting about ten feet in front of me probably doesn't count as fishing) husband starts hysterically laughing. Until I hear an "OH!". I'm not sure what he's doing so I just continue on.

He comes down by the water and shows me the camera....



I was sitting on that bench 15 mins before the horndogs were...

So just a note to all park goers....don't forget that it's a public place. You don't know WHAT'S been going down on the bench before you....

horny son of a guns ;)

OH and by the way...If you are planning on cutting the grass at your house, please make sure to wear all your clothes. For anyone who read the neighbor blog, Single mom with the terror of a child decided to cut the grass today, in a bra and hot pants. A BRA.
(no i didnt take a picture, i didn't want to burn that image into your brain like it is mine....) BE THANKFUL!

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